In 2013, we embarked on the journey of video recording the teaching of Dr. Randy Smith that makes up the lecture portion of GCBI. We did this for many reasons, but the foremost was that we believe that quality, Bible based spiritual instruction should be available for free to anyone willing to listen - or watch. Out of this project was birthed two main series: one called "One Hour. One Book." and the other, which is the full version of the lectures as they happen during the 10 months of GCBI. Both series are in their final stages of completion. You can find links to both below:


One hour. one book.

Each of the 66 books of the Bible is necessary for the believer to fully grasp the grandeur of God and His love for His people. That's why we made this series. We want to break the ice, to make each book more easily understood by clearly explaining the books authorship, occasion, and literary structure. Check out the playlist on YouTube, or check out the still-in-progress series website below.


full lectures

For those who are looking to dive deep into whole sections of the Word, our full lectures offer the entirety of the teaching that makes up GCBI, from GCBI 101, where Dr. Smith explains the Principle Approach, to Genesis through Revelation. Our YouTube channel is where these videos live. You can click the button below to start viewing the lectures starting at the very beginning. 


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