Online Application Process:

Step 1: Fill out the form below and hit submit

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3. Medical Info
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4. Personal Declarations
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Step 2: Send an email

Now that you've submitted your application, click here to send an email with the following attached:

  • A recent photo of yourself

  • Your current resume in .pdf format

  • A 2-5 page essay detailing your reasons for applying. It should additionally describe you personal history, family background, a brief summary of your Christian experience, and any involvement in ministry and helps. Please also discuss your future plans and what you hope to accomplish through this program in. Please submit this as a document in .pdf format


Step 3: Have two people fill out the personal reference form for you

After you email us those files, have two adults submit the personal reference form found by clicking below.


Step 4: Have your pastor submit the personal reference form for you

Ask your pastor to fill out the personal reference form. Ask him to check the box that designates that his submission in a pastoral reference. 


Step 5: Pay the $50 application fee

You can click the button below to pay the fee. Your application will not be processed until the fee is paid.