Admissions Requirements:

  • Applicants are to be at least 18 years of age.

  • Applicants are to have completed a high school diploma or equivalent.

  • All applicants are to complete the application documents in full and distribute the character reference forms.

  • Applications must include a double-spaced autobiographical essay (300-500 words) stating how the applicant came to know Christ and why they would like to attend GCBI.

  • All appropriate fees must be paid in full before entrance to GCBI will be granted. All tuition payments are to be paid according to the established payment plan. Any financial payment plan deviating from the norm must be reviewed and approved by the Administrative Director.

  • This program requires a serious commitment in spirit and an eagerness of heart. All applicants are to commit themselves to uphold the standards of the Word of God and exhibit diligence, faithfulness, and teachability in their daily lives.

Application Requirements:

  • Application for admission (including esssay and resume)

  • 2 Personal Reference Forms

  • 1 Pastoral Reference Form

  • $50 Application Fee

Forms should be completed online or completed and mailed directly to:
Great Commission Bible Institute
790 Lake Denton Rd

Avon Park, FL 33825

Applications will not be processed until all paperwork (including reference forms) has been received.  We will notify you once all of these items have been received to indicate that processing has begun.  Our goal is to notify you of the status of your application 45 days from the date of initial processing, however time frames may vary based on the time of year and process of determining acceptance. If you are interested in obtaining a full application packet, please contact the site coordinators.