At GCBI, tuition is free! The cost of the program covers living expenses only. We have been able to keep those costs as low as $7,000 for the year ($7,500 if you choose the One Year Plan or the Two Year Plan), which includes a $400 deposit upon admission. This accounts for room and board, a substantial meal plan, gas and insurance for our school van, as well as any domestic ministry-related travels for the year.


At Orientation, students will be asked to choose one option and commit in writing to completing the financial responsibility laid out in their chosen payment option.

The student is responsible for ensuring that monthly payments are turned in to the Site Coordinators or to the office by the last day of each month. Checks can also be mailed directly to the office:

30 Rising R Road
Lake Placid FL

Students should be aware that early payments are welcomed and that late payments may have consequences.

Room & Board 

Each student is required to live on campus. The GCBI dorms are located on the lakeside property of Camp Denton in Avon Park, Florida.  The cabin facilities have been renovated to include a men’s and women’s cabins along with two full bath buildings for men and women. Main buildings on campus include a full stainless steel kitchen, a cafeteria for lounging, dining, & studying and our main classroom and offices.

Meal Plan

GCBI stocks the pantry and refrigerator at the Institute with basic, healthy foods for breakfasts and lunches (such as fruit, vegetables, lunch meat, bread, soup, juice, milk, etc.)  We do not provide snack or specialty foods (chips, junk food, or organic foods). Three nights a week, student dinners are provided by members of the local church and community. Our kitchen is equipped with a microwave, toaster ovens, hot plates and a coffee maker, as well as utensils, dishes, cookware, etc.  A list of groceries provided is available upon request. Please note that as part of the commitment to the program, students are expected to attend community dinners.

Holy Land Trip

The trip to Israel will be an additional cost, payable to Christian Travel Study Programs, Ltd. The cost for the 2020 trip is still to be determined. The trip to Israel is not a requirement of the program, but is strongly encouraged.  There will be opportunities for students to work various fundraisers in order to raise funds towards the Israel trip.  However, these fundraisers are not designed to raise the entire cost for each student, rather offset the total cost. Students are not guaranteed certain monies and should make every arrangement necessary to raise funds individually.