Mission Statement

GCBI is a one-year Bible institute that exists for the purpose of producing people of Godly character who are Biblically grounded and effective in practical Christian ministry. Effectiveness in Christian service is measured by the influence that is exerted in the lives of others to lead them to Christ and to shepherd them towards spiritual maturity.

Philosophy of Education

There are many places one can study the Bible, but none like GCBI.

Our chief concern for our students is that they build solid Biblical convictions based on their guided personal study of the Word of God. We are convinced that in 2 Timothy 3:16, the Holy Spirit used the Apostle Paul to instruct a younger man in ministry (Timothy) on the way to a completed training in godly living. Paul wrote that the sixty-six books of the Bible were God’s Divine plan to produce effective and holy disciples. In this way we desire our students to master the content of many Biblical studies and to be changed by concepts as they use the material in their life, work and ministries. Further, the training for service will be offered in direct connection to local church ministry – the Biblically mandated and practical form for the body of Messiah today.

To achieve this outcome, the total curriculum is based on Biblical studies, leadership development, personal discipleship, and evangelism. This program stresses integration of classroom preparation with the practice of serving. Students have the benefit of a team in order to meet these goals: Dr. Randall Smith, the classroom instructor for the Old Testament, Devon Fox, the classroom instructor for the New Testament/ Director of the Program as well as the Site Coordinators of the program and spiritual mentors available to the students along with his wife Caroline, and also male and female Resident Assistants who live with the students and provide encouragement and accountability throughout the year. Dr. Smith will focus attention on carefully communicating the Old Testament Scriptures while Devon focuses on the New Testament Scriptures and along with his wife Caroline and the RA’s will work with application in the lifestyle issues that shape maturity.

Another unique feature of the instructional program is its relationship to local church ministry, as well as work on active mission fields. While many educational programs are removed from the local church, this experience is designed to help students function in the local church while working within that context.