Dr. Randy Smith


Randall D. Smith, Ph.D is pastor at Grace Church of Sebring, as well as director of  Christian Travel Study Programs, Ltd., the organization through which our students travel to Israel each spring. Randy and his wife, Dottie have three talented children who are all grown, and one handsome grandson.  From what we gather, Randy thoroughly enjoys learning – in his “spare time”, he studies art, literature, and various histories. Randy is an incredibly gifted teacher of God’s Word and GCBI students benefit from his extensive education and insight. 


Devon and Caroline Fox

Site Coordinators

Devon and Caroline are the on-site coordinators for the program. Devon is a graduate of GCBI, class of 2010, and has served as a youth director since his time at GCBI. His lovely wife is an art and lifestyle photographer with her own thriving business, along with being involved as a mentor and leader in the youth program that Devon directed. They were married in the fall of 2015, so along with taking on the role of husband and wife, they have the privilege of taking on the role of Site Coordinators this year as well! They live alongside the students and walk through the year with them, getting a front-row seat to watch God change lives as the students simply take God’s Word seriously. Logistically, they spend time creating meal plans & cleaning schedules, plugging students in to the church, coordinating fundraisers, and organizing opportunities to expose students to various ministry experiences.  Relationally, Devon and Caroline have the specific privilege and responsibility of building intentional, discipleship relationships with the GCBI students throughout the year.

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Carrie Russell

Resident Assistant

Carrie is an alumni of GCBI, class of 2014. She is from Martinsburg, PA. Carrie has a heart for missions and has spent a few years of her life living with and serving the people of the Philippines. She loves kids, playing music, and having deep conversations with her friends. We are blessed to have her join the team this year. Carrie lives in the dorm with our female students. She builds intentional relationships with the girls and helps them through the year. Carrie helps us with the daily details of keeping things running smoothly in the student’s living space.


Ben Russell


Ben has spent countless hours filming GCBI classes and editing them into the teaching videos that we have made available through our website and our Youtube channel GCBI Media. He also maintains much of our online presence. Ben graduated from GCBI in 2012 and now lives in Sebring with his wife, Meredith as he works with Grace Church of Sebring and serves GCBI with his media skills.